Don’t Have a “Poor” Attitude

Poverty thinking destroys many lives. When you have a “poor” attitude rather than a “rich” attitude you will likely be poor rather than rich materially as well. A more positive attitude toward your wealth can change your life dramatically.

Poverty Thinking Is a Formative Attitude

In this article I want to consider the attitude we associate with the law of true wealth. This is the law that reads like this:

The Truth about Wealth:

Real prosperity is measured as much by how we use our money as it is by how much we have.

There are other implications as well, but one attitude associated with this law is that which reveals our sense of self-worth as reflected by our wealth or lack of it.

Our lives are determined by our attitudes, our attitudes being our habits of thought. Our habitual thoughts about money are among those that affect our lives the most. And among our money thoughts, our concept of wealth is among the most formative.

If being “poor” is more of an attitude than a real condition, and it is, then so is wealth.

If I can choose to think of myself as poor, then I can just as easily choose to think of myself as rich. I don’t have to have a million dollars in the bank to feel rich.

However, to be a realist—not just someone living in a dream world—I do need to have enough available money to do the things I consider important in life. But once I have escaped the clutches of real debt or any other form of serious restriction due to financial obligations, and once I can generate enough income to live the kind of life I want, then I have every right to feel rich, or wealthy.

How We Develop Poverty Thinking

The reason people feel poor rather than rich is that they compare themselves to others. But they always look at the few living in the mansions rather than the millions living in refugee camps. Usually it is not so extreme but the idea is there, looking at those with more.


One of my early experiences with this was back in my childhood days when a couple of friends said something about how rich my family was. Since I had no such idea at the time I was surprised and asked what gave them that idea. It was because our family had a washer and dryer!

Personally growing up I never felt poor or rich. I did not see myself as either in particular. As an adult I came to feel that I have all I have earned to have and could have more if I made other vocational choices. I am indeed wealthy in that I have all that I need and much more.

True wealth is more than money.

  • Think about your family, your friends, your business relationships.
  • Think about your health, your ability to think and learn.
  • Think about your living conditions, your soft bed, the good food you eat daily.
  • Think about the beauty of life all around you, the flowers, the sunsets, the marvels of technology that work to your advantage—like the computer access that brings the information in this project to you.

We feel poor because we tend to look only at material wealth and only the material wealth of others at that. This is both illogical and self-defeating.

It is better to look at the reality of our personal situation itself than to compare ourselves to anyone else. When we do we will likely realize that we have more in the way of material things than we need both materially and in other ways.

Tool to Overcome Poverty Thinking

Once again I am going to suggest an affirmation to help you develop an attitude of being rich rather than poor. Try saying aloud to yourself,

“I am rich. I am wealthy. I have more than enough.”

How does it feel? If you have never felt rich or if your material circumstances are not the greatest right now you may have a difficult time saying it. But would you have the same trouble if you were to say, “I am poor.”?

No matter how strange it may sound or feel, I encourage you to use the positive affirmation often, “I am rich. I am wealthy. I have more than enough.”

Results of Eliminating Poverty Thinking

Once you begin to feel like a wealthy person, not a poor one, your whole life will change. You will begin to act differently and live differently in many ways. But mostly, you will begin to think differently.

When you see yourself as a person who has all the money you need and is successful with money, you will begin to make better financial decisions and you will attract more money to your life. You will also begin to do better things with your money.

Even if there are areas where your circumstances are not the best, there are others that are terrific. Considering all of these helps to make you feel like a wealthy person, too. That’s one reason for learning to give to help others very early on. It helps us see that most often we are actually more fortunate than we think.

And very important, remember that you can begin to feel any positive attitude as soon as it is in the making. You don’t have to wait until it is completely fulfilled to experience it.

Trade Poor Thinking With Rich Thinking

Look around at the realities of your life. Choose to think about your situation on its own, not in comparison to others. No matter how fine a house or car most people have, they tend to look at others, always someone richer, and conclude that they are less than adequate. How irrational.

Instead of poverty thinking, look at all the things you have to develop a rich attitude. Almost all of us in America have such unimaginable wealth when compared to so many millions of people around the world that I find it incredible to hear so many people complain of their poor state in life. A more positive attitude is called for, a rich attitude.

So, say it again. And again. “I am rich. I am wealthy. I have more than I need.” And the truth is, for most of us we really are.