About Saving Money

Almost everyone knows deep down that saving money is essential for financial success and that financial success is important for a happy life, but how do you save money! Most of us neglect to even start saving money. Why?

What Are Your Money Saving Attitudes?

Take some time to reflect on your saving habits. Are you saving at least ten percent of your earnings each month? If not, why not?

Perhaps you never learned to value saving? As a child did you learn to save or did you learn to spend your money as quickly as you got it?

Do you think you don’t have enough income to start saving money? If you do save money but your savings are inadequate, do you see how increasing your savings rate gradually until it reaches at least ten percent could be a workable plan for you?

Are you willing to make a commitment now to start saving more money? Or is there some hidden element in your subconscious mind that causes you to resist?

Understand Your Attitudes About Saving

As you understand where you stand now and how you got to this point you will be better prepared to make more effective decisions about how to achieve better results in the future. Writing out your thoughts can be a great help.

As you write down your reflections about saving money they will take on greater clarity and focus. As an action step designed to develop a better understanding of your inner attitudes, taking time for this activity may prove to be one of the more valuable steps you can take for success with money.

Take a sheet of paper. Write at the top: “My Savings Habits.” Make three subheadings and write out your thoughts about each of the following:

  1. Write about the attitudes you learned about savings growing up, right up to the present.
  2. State exactly your current practices relative to saving and your satisfaction with them.
  3. Express your commitments about future savings practices and plans.

If you are working through these action steps as a family, discuss your previous thinking and behaviors with any others involved and consider potential improvements in your savings habits.

How Do You Save Money?

If you are not saving adequately it is important to understand why saving has not been as important to you as the other things you have been doing with your money. But you must build on that with steps to start saving money.

It is equally essential to realize that saving money is one of the absolute essentials for financial success. Take a look at my article called Guaranteed Prosperity under the Financial Laws section of the main menu for additional pointers on this topic.

Will Your Start Saving More Money?

If you are not saving money, you need to start immediately. Do not just plan to start saving money someday, decide to start today! Take action by going to the bank and opening a savings account, arranging for an automatic transfer of some amount to your savings on a regular basis, or initiate some other tangible plan. Do it now.