New! The Success With Money Blog

The Success With Money blog is a natural step ahead for the Success With Money web site.

Success With Money Blog Launches January 1, 2011

For its first three years the Success With Money website slowly expanded and rounded out its content to cover all of the basics for personal financial success. With that foundation well established (although there will continue to be regular updates, expanded coverage, and new application tools), this blog adds a new dimension.

The static Success with Money site provides a base for posting all the essential information needed to help anyone learn how to become financially successful, but it does have limitations as far as interactivity with readers and responding to current events. By providing for posts on current economic situations and allowing for comments from readers, the blog will deal directly with pressing, personal questions and needs.

Thanks For Being a Part of Success With Money

I want to thank all of those who have taken time, scores of people every day, to spend time on the site. My goal has been to help as many people as possible become as successful as possible with their money. I hope that the site has been helpful in that direction.

As this blog develops I look forward to a more interactive involvement with readers. If you have questions or comments I hope you will speak up and share your thoughts.

Looking to the Future

We live in a challenging time, economically speaking, and in other ways as well. By taking the initiative to gain control of our money—and in conjunction with that our lives—we can dramatically make a difference for ourselves, our families, and others around us. I look forward to exciting days ahead.