Demand for Home Based Businesses

In a recent post I asked if you have you been thinking about starting your own home based business? I suggested that there may never be a better time to do it than there is today. Yes, even in this unstable economic environment. I want to explore some of the reasons for that thinking a little further.

In the last decade the number of employed people working from home has increased over twenty percent, but at the same time the number of people working in home based businesses has increased over twenty-five percent. Regulatory pressures on employers are anticipated to cause home based business growth to accelerate over the next few years.

Why a Home Based Business Now?

At the end of this year businesses across America will face a huge dilemma. The new health law will force them to make some serious decisions about how they will try to pay the increased insurance costs.

Many, perhaps most, do not have enough income to absorb this cost so what will they do? Several options are being seriously considered by many businesses.


Working from Home

Have you been thinking about starting a business of your own, a home based business? Never before has there been as much interest in this opportunity and it may be just the thing for you.

Why a Home Based Business Now?

Starting your own home based business has been the dream of many people over the years, but for most it has been little more. However, in the economic circumstances faced by the world today, this may prove to be the best time ever to make it a reality instead of just wishful thinking.

Necessity is the mother of invention as the old saying goes. One reason many people are thinking about a home based or secondary business income now is due to people having a lower income from their regular jobs. The average family income in America has dropped more than $4,000 over the last few years while expenses keep escalating.

No one wants to lower their standard of living, no surprise, so people are looking for ways to earn some additional income. Beginning a part time home business can be an appealing option.


Should You Start Your Own One Person Business Now?

Every cloud has a silver lining. At least that’s what the proverbial they say! And when it comes to the economy that may well be the case….

Every day the government makes it harder for a person to start and build any kind of economically sound business. That’s not a political statement, at least not altogether. It is a bureaucratic statement….

But here is the silver lining….