Is the Stock Market Safe?

Are you investing in the stock market in these tumultuous times? If not why not? If you are, what makes you think it is safe to do so?

People Everywhere Are Skittish

The other day I was listening to a very popular television personality discuss the stock market with his guests. He stated bluntly that he would not invest in the stock market these days because the economy was just too unstable.

Wall Street Sign

I have not seen the numbers, but I have heard a number of technical folks refer to the low participation rate in the stock market. Many big investors are actively buying but a lot of ordinary folks are not.

There are many issues to consider in determining whether or not to invest. No matter where you are in this equation, it is important that you understand the risks and are watchful at all times. It is also notable that there are risks in not investing in the stock market as well as there are risks in investing.


Why I Did Not Buy Facebook Stock

It is always risky to say why you declined to invest in any stock, I suppose. Especially in the tech field. You always stand the risk of trying to explain later why you didn't recognize the value of an Amazon or Apple. But, here I go, with the hope that my reasoning is worth considering.

Is Facebook Viable?

First, I do not see the economic viability of a company like Facebook. The question I ask myself is…


Is the Rising Stock Market a Sign of Economic Recovery?

Almost every day now we hear optimistic reports about the stock market suggesting that the economy must be improving because the price of stocks continues to grow (albeit not agressively).

Surely this must be a good sign, right? And if we were to pour cold water on that notion we must surely be the bad guys. But what is the truth?

Rising Stock Market—A Good Thing

Before pointing out the obvious (at least in my mind) reason for concluding that it…