Increase Your Income

Do you want to increase your income? There are many attitudes (habits of thought) that influence our levels of income, either to limit or enhance our potential to make more money. This article will share how affirmations can help you develop the attitudes that will enable you to earn more money.

Increase Your Income With Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful tools to help us change our attitudes. If we want to make more money we need to understand how to use affirmations to develop the attitudes that will support our goal to earn more money. They really work.


If you are not familiar with the use of affirmations, check out two other articles I have written that explain how to write and use them. The article, Basic Money Affirmations, tells how to use affirmations like these to help point your thinking in the right direction.

Another article, Learn to Write Powerful Affirmations, explains how to write affirmations that can make a real impact on your thinking about money.

A good way to use affirmations is to repeat them daily for at least a month and then weekly for several months more. The idea is to make these thoughts our own, so we will automatically think in the most productive way. Obviously it is critical that we actually do what we are saying, so take steps where needed to implement them at the same time you say them.

Affirmations That Work

You can easily write your own affirmations and often they are better when you make them personal. If you do, be careful to follow the guidelines in the article on writing affirmations. The way they are structured is important. Here are some examples:

  • Every day I take specific steps to improve one or more of my income producing skills.
  • I have complete confidence in my ability to invest my money wisely and productively.
  • I consciously consider the long term implications of every financial decision I make.

Your affirmations need to be in line with the changes you need to make in your own life. Their purpose is to help you get moving on the specific activities that will help you increase your income, not just some generality.

Using Affirmations to Increase Income

Examine your own thinking habits to find areas where your attitudes need change. For example, if you are an employee and have had no thoughts previously about how to increase your pay, work out specific plans to increase your income describing what you will do to increase your value to your employer in order to earn a raise in pay.

Make sure you find out what your employer would value, not just what you think he or she should value. There is a difference! And be ready to take on new responsibilities such as becoming a supervisor rather than a production worker.

Write out a step by step plan of action and then write out your own affirmation(s). For example, “Every day I research internet marketing for one hour.” Note that the primary purpose of an affirmation like this is to help you devote the time indicated to studying. It could be about any subject depending on the needs of your employer, or if self-employed, your own business.

Increase Your Income!

The primary reason people do not make more money is that they do not do the things they need to do to earn more money. Change your thinking in this regard and you will increase your income, changing the direction of your life. Affirmations like these can be a powerful tool, if you use them.