Know the Laws of Money

As certain as the law of gravity in its realm, there are laws of money, financial principles or rules of money that are absolutes. If you want success with money you must start by knowing them and then allowing them to guide your financial decisions.

The Ten Laws of Money

You will often hear me refer to the Ten Essential Laws of Money. The content of our newsletters and all the information on this site revolve around these laws.

These laws are universal, but the formulation of the laws of money on this site are the product of my own years of study, consolidating all the essential financial principles into a structured presentation that can be easily studied and understood by anyone wanting to know the facts about the financial principles that affect their lives.

Knowing and applying these ten laws in total is, in fact, the real secret to success with money. It is essential to apply all of them to your life. One reason some people fail is that they work on some areas and wittingly or not, neglect others. To succeed you want to cover all the essentials.

To study the ten laws of money, then, is to look at the big picture. You will be more successful if you review all of these money laws in advance of your work toward financial success. I recommend that you begin now. Just click on the Money Laws web page link here or on the top navigation bar.

Action Steps and the Rules of Money

People learn in four ways: these are knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes. Learning in each of these areas is best achieved by methods most relevant to that type of learning. This applies to money as well as other areas of life.

On the Success With Money website there are a number of specific articles aimed at facilitating each type of learning for related money topics. Each of them is essential for us to become successful with our money.

Articles like this one are aimed at conveying knowledge. Articles in other areas are constructed in a different fashion. For example, changing attitudes sometimes requires presenting ideas in round about ways and then bringing them all together in an unexpected, even shocking way. On the other hand, knowledge is best acquired through methods that allow a person to see the total picture in advance.

To become successful with money, first become knowledgeable about the laws of money, the financial principles that explain the way money works in the real world.

Then profit from the Action Steps section of this website to gain the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes about money you need.

Be Sure You Know the Laws of Money

Remember to review the laws of money periodically. By subscribing to the Success With Money Action Newsletter you will be reminded to review one law each month, a good practice.

When you do you will reinforce your knowledge of the financial principles you have already studied and prepare yourself to benefit more from the rules of money that affect your life every day.