Money Visualization Techniques

There are several key methods we can utilize for changing our attitudes. One of the most important is the use of visualization.

When we visualize and focus our attention on a particular image, our subconscious mind moves us in the direction of bringing that image into reality.

Visualization Techniques Are Powerful

Visualization refers to our ability to imagine mentally what we wish to see in our lives before it becomes reality.

Visualization (and in our area of focus, financial visualization skills) can have an enormous impact, demonstrating dramatically its often underrated power. Only affirmations are used more often for attitude motivation.


One example of how a money visualization technique works is to look at what happens when someone starts “window shopping” the auto lots. Before you know it the person who does so gets an almost unstoppable urge to buy a car. Often a person looks at and gets attached to a car that is beyond the budget available and yet buys it anyway.

Visualization has a powerful affect, for better or worse. Keep this in mind. Visualization is amoral. It is up to you to apply it's use toward good ends.

How Visualization Work

To use visualization techniques to your advantage you need do no more than to create a visual image that points out one of your goals and post it where you will see it regularly. Then when you see it take a moment to reinforce the idea behind it in your mind.

When you do this, your subconscious mind will take over. Anything you sincerely believe will become a guide for your subconscious to move you in a particular direction. Without your conscious awareness you will begin making decisions and taking steps to fulfill your goal.

There are many financial images that people might use for Money Visualization. For example, a picture of a credit card statement with a zero balance, a picture of a savings account book with a $5,000.00 balance, or a picture of a mortgage stamped “Paid in Full.”


These suggestions are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable forms of still and video formats that you can utilize to create your own visual images. Your options are limited only by your imagination.

Putting Visualization to Work

Try to put together at least one visual today. Take time to think through some of your major financial goals. Select one for your visual, making sure it relates to one of your key financial goals.

Cut out a relevant picture from a magazine or draw something yourself. It doesn't have to be great art work, but it does need to graphically present your goal. You may need to add a label or goal statement on it so it will clearly suggest your specific goal. Now post it somewhere you will see it daily.

Look at it every day, focus your mind on the excitement you will experience when you reach this goal, and watch how effectively it stimulates your enthusiasm for your goal. In short order you should notice how your chosen money visualization technique drives you to make more rapid progress toward reaching your objective.

Adopt Money Visualization Techniques

Visualization is an incredible tool. There are many ways to use money visualization techniques to help you achieve your financial goals. It is unfortunate so many people either do not know about them or fail to use them. Don’t neglect the power of visualization!