Why a Success With Money Blog? (part 1)

There are two primary reasons for initiating our blog in conjunction with the Success With Money website. Today I want to discuss one of them, the need to deal with current issues.

Success With Money Blog Builds on a Solid Foundation

My primary goal has always been to help as many people as possible become as successful as possible with their money. That has called first of all for an explanation of the basic principles and methods needed to make that possible, a program that is best achieved with our static site, Success With Money.

But with that project largely in hand we now want to start sharing ideas about how to apply those principles and methods to the experiences we now face in an economically turbulent world. There has never been a time, at least not in my lifetime, when the world faced the kind of economic challenges that now affect us all in very personal ways.

Successful With Money Is More Challenging Than Ever

There have been difficult economic times in the past, but there is a difference between those and the challenges we face today. In the past people who became unemployed during a recession had to deal with somewhat longer times finding a new job, but not to extent we have today.

There have been temporary times of inflation or high interest rates that called for spending adjustments, but many of today’s adjustments may well be considered permanent. And even more, there are issues that have not really been a great concern before.

For months those of us in the USA have been facing a dilemma when it comes to financial planning, for instance, including income tax preparation and decisions related to end of year planning. A politically fractured and divided congress failed to deal with important tax issues in a timely manner (fortunately they finally did, albeit in a temporary fashion).

Success With Money Requires Personal Action

We cannot hope to fix our government; at least I cannot—even in my most optimistic moments. But we can help people find a path toward financial success for themselves and their families when it comes to some of these challenges.

I hope you will find personal success in such a journey and that you will join with us in sharing the path with others.