Your Outlook on the Economy
Determines Your Success!

One of the most important truths you can ever learn in life is that your thinking determines everything. The way you think shapes your life.

In no area is this more significant than in your financial life. You will never be successful with money until you see yourself and your opportunities as filled with potential rather than failure.

Mike's Money Success Attitude Story

Recently I read a great post by Mike McGroarty dealing with the economy. It isn't his particular field of interest—he promotes growing plants for sale as he has done himself—but he makes some great points in this post: Mike McGroarty on the Economy

In his post he tells this story:

I ran into an old friend of mine two days ago, nurseryman of course, this has been his best year ever. Why? Because many nurseries scaled back production when the economy tanked in 2008 and now they are facing serious shortages….If you don't grow em, you can't sell em.

Mike points out that while eight percent of us are unemployed [officially], ninety-two percent are working. That means that most people are still working and buying.

Lessons From a Money Success Attitude

This is a great point. It means that even in our stumbling economy we still have over ninety percent of the opportunity we had before things started crumbling about us.

That also means that if we are even average in our work we can stand above thirty to forty percent of those who are still earning a living. And there is always room at the top—in any economy.

Choose Your Own Money Success Attitude

If you are not making the progress you want and should be making, think about your attitude. Do not let a negative attitude hold you back. Choose to think positively about your future and take steps now to make it better.