Our Methods

You have discovered a free financial education site designed to help individuals (that means actual people like you and me) find financial success. I think you will be surprised at your own potential for personal growth in this pivotal area of your life, once you know how to learn about money and how easy it is.

Here you will learn not only the important facts, you will get the results you are looking for in real life. This page explains the methods I use to help you learn how to be successful in reaching your financial goals. Using the right methods does make a difference.

Using the right methods does make a difference.

While our immediate goal is not to produce millionaires (even though I know some readers may adopt that goal, at least eventually), it is my purpose to help everyone who chooses to do so become competent with money management so they can learn to:

These Methods Do Lead to Success

One thing I can promise. No hype! No redirection into foolish schemes or investments. Just solid, practical information that can really make a difference for people who want to learn about money and do something with that information.

I know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to changing lives. In graduate school my focus was on training adults in leadership skills. As a result I have been able to approach this project from a different perspective. The methods I suggest are proven to work, where other approaches might be less effective or perhaps not effective at all.

What can you expect to find here that you might not find elsewhere? Actually there are several reasons I decided to start Success With Money and each of them represents a reason for people to look here for the foundation blocks they need to build real financial success.

The ESSENTIAL First Step

First, our initial focus with each individual is on action steps that will really empower them get in control of their money. Only then will anyone be able to invest or have something to leave in that will or trust that most financial advisers say we all need.

For years when I talked to people about starting their IRA or taking some other important financial step I received the same response, “I don’t have any money to invest with!” Here you will learn how to get that money first, then how to invest it.

The greatest need most folks have when it comes to their money—how to get in control.

When I first began speaking publicly about money (about thirty years ago, but don’t tell!) I called my presentation, “How to Take Control of Your Money and Your Life”. That is still the greatest need most folks have when it comes to their money—how to get in control. I can and will teach you just how to do it.

The Critical Four Aspects of Learning

Second, our program (and I know of no others who do this specifically) is organized around all four of the essential aspects of learning that are important in many areas of life but are absolutely critical for those who want to know how to learn about money.

These are knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes. If you think about each of these four types of learning you will recognize that each is uniquely demanding in its own way.

This means we need to deal with how to think about money as well as how to manage it and how to use it. It means we need to learn how to balance our checkbook and make a useful spending plan but also how to develop a mind set that causes us to attract rather than repel money from our lives.

There are four kinds of financial learning: knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes. Each plays a unique and essential role in your financial education.

When you know about money, understand how it works, have developed essential skills for managing it and have developed the positive, confident attitudes you need to deal with any challenges that arise, you will no longer experience all the negative feelings about money that most people do on a daily basis.

The Fundamental Laws of Money

Third, I reveal all the basic laws or principles of financial success so you can see the whole picture from the beginning. Like anything else of importance in life, becoming financially successful involves numerous issues, none of which can be ignored without peril.

  • It helps to have a good fico score, but you can have a good fico score and still lie awake nights worrying about all those credit card debts.
  • It is important to have a will, but you can have a will and be anxious about how you could get by if you lose your job.
  • It is important to make a decent living, but you can have a good, high paying job and still be struggling to make ends meet.

Here we have brought together all the important issues involved in financial success and organized them around what I call The Ten Essential Laws of Money. These primary principles, when understood properly and applied effectively can guide us all to achieve the success we seek.

One Step at a Time to Achieve $uccess

And finally, this approach is a uniquely workable one. My plan is to organize our project around the Laws of Money on the one hand and the calendar on the other.

Over the course of each year I will work through all the laws, each month focusing on one of the basic principles and each month giving attention to practical applications—what I call action steps. These will be shared through our Success With Money Action Newsletter which is a focal point of our project, used in conjunction with our postings on this website.

One of the great discoveries I have made in life is what has been called the one percent principle. When taking on any major task, and certainly for many of us becoming successful with our money appears to be a large one, it is easy to fear that the job is just too big to achieve.

The one percent principle points out that making a one percent improvement in any endeavor may seem small but it is easy to do. However, repeat that accomplishment 100 times and you more than double your achievement level, no matter what the endeavor.

The financial steps we will show you month by month in the newsletter and on this web site have a potential to enable all of us to achieve great success with our money. If we move ahead just a little each month we can very soon experience fantastic results.

If we move ahead just a little each month we can very soon experience fantastic results.

In just a few weeks or months the chains of slavery to money will begin to fall off. We will begin to experience a new sense of joy in dealing with our money and in all of life.

In just a few years almost anyone can be completely out of debt and begin experiencing real financial freedom. Or, if they are reasonably successful now, to greatly accelerate their present success.

Do You Expect What You Say You Want?

It is a basic law in all of life that we don’t always get what we want, but we always get what we expect. Start expecting more financially (and if you don’t know how to do that we will help you learn how to change your expectations).

I invite you to join us in this project as we discover a better life for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors. If we keep on doing what we are doing now we will only experience the level of success we have now forever. Don’t let that happen to you!

Decide now to start doing better—day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. We want you and everyone else who comes to our site to do better with their money and we are committed to help everyone achieve more financially.

Remember that our mission is to help as many people as possible to become as successful as possible with their money.

If you want to know how to learn about money you can get started today. Begin by reading the five articles under the title, Keys to Control. Then sign up for our free publication, Success With Money Action Newsletter for monthly encouragement and information that can keep you moving toward your financial goals.