Privacy Statement

Success with Money makes no effort to gather any personal data on any visitor to the site other than that information required to sign up for our newsletter or purchase any cost item that might be offered by us.

It is also my commitment to use only such established third parties as Paypal to secure payment for any purchases made from the site and not to store any credit card or similar financial information.

In addition to the newsletter and any special reports, persons enrolling for the newsletter may receive occasional announcements or offers from Success with Money. Information we collect will be used for no other purposes.

No third parties will be given the personal data we do collect except through legal means by a government agency. This is highly unlikely and would require an extremely unique situation.

We have no control, and so make no representations, about third parties whose links on our site may be followed by the choice of our readers. This is true for links within articles as well as any advertisements that may be placed on the site when a visitor follows that link to an external site.

Some third parties have specific policies they require to be shared with readers when their products or ads are posted and those statements will be added to this policy when needed.