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If you are looking for real information to help real people become successful with their money you have come to the right place. This is a free personal finance education site with exactly that purpose in mind—to help people achieve financial success.

Commit yourself to spend some real time reading and applying the principles you find on this site. It will change your life!

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Hello. My name is James Salmons. The material on this site comes from my decades of experience, study, and teaching people about money. I know the information here can help you achieve financial success because it has proven value.

What I have written reflects my study, for over 25 years, of the research and writings of the very best students of personal success. I have also validated the information found here by examining my own successes and failures, as well as that of others, while applying these truths in real life situations.

All the personal finance education information you need to become successful with your money is right here, available at no charge except your time and effort.

I teach you what you need to know, help you understand how money works in the real world, offer training in the skills you need to learn for financial success, and help you develop the attitudes that lead to success. Most important, it is all explained in simple, direct language anyone can understand and put into action.

And unlike other financial sites, all the personal finance education information you need to become successful with your money is right here, available at no charge except your time and effort.

Get In Control Of Your Money

The most important thing you can ever do to become successful with money is to learn how to take control of your money. Unfortunately, most people never master their money and consequently never reach their financial goals.

There is a simple, generally unrecognized reason for this fact. People don’t know how to get in control of their money and there is no potential for success without doing that first.

There are a multitude of financial sites willing to tell people what to do with their money, but almost none to tell them how to gain this control and thereby make success possible. This site is committed to sharing the real secrets of financial “how to” including this essential fundamental skill.

People don’t know how to get in control of their money and there is no potential for success without doing that first.

If you are not as successful with your money as you should be, you can change directions starting today. Begin with the clear, effective information you need to learn so you can get in control of your money. Study the articles found in Take Control! and you will know for yourself how to apply the most important “secret” to financial success.

Get Out of Debt

After you learn how to get in control of your money you can then easily escape the trap of credit card and other debt. There are a lot of voices extolling the joys of living on credit! Be honest with yourself, however, and you know that debt makes a slave out of its victims, especially credit card debt.

The guidance you find here will enable you to eliminate all of your debts sooner than you think. Then you will always have the money you need to pay your bills, afford to do the things you really want in life, and prepare for a meaningful and happy “retirement.”

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My six part series of articles, Get Out of Debt, will guide you step by step through the actions you need to take to eliminate your debts. It may sound impossible, but it isn’t. If you really want to escape the confines of debt and experience real financial success, nothing can help you more than this powerful plan.

Increase Your Income

Do you have all the money you need? Most people would say they do not. But how many are taking the steps they need to increase their income and make the best use of what they have? Fewer than you think. Far fewer.

There are definite principles that determine how money works in every area of life and I have organized them into The Ten Essential Laws of Money. Applying these principles is the key to prosperity and financial success.

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Of course, applying these principles to the real world requires common sense application to our individual opportunities. No two people reach their income goals in the same way. Nevertheless there are basic steps that each of us must take if we want to maximize our income.

Read the articles found in How to Increase Your Income and you will learn how to make more money and eventually experience real success with money.

Increase Savings and Investments

To be successful with money it is essential to learn how to save and invest. Saving and investing are the keys to the passive income that can really change your life financially.

While people in other countries are doing somewhat better, for the first time since the Great Depression Americans recently drifted into a negative savings rate! The recent financial downturn is both encouraging and forcing many to turn away from the overspending that has created this economic disaster.

You don’t have to have a large income to become a successful investor.

Financial institutions, including those who say they are there to make you money, are designed to make themselves money more than to help you. The personal finance education offered for free here will enable you to make the choices that will lead to your own financial success—including information about how to increase savings and investments.

You don’t have to have a large income to become a successful investor. Once you are in control of your money and get out of debt you can apply the other financial helps you find here to save and invest intelligently and productively.

Experience Real Financial Freedom

The good news is that it is not so much the amount of money you have coming in that counts as it is what you do with it once it is in your hands. Becoming financially independent is simply a matter of learning how, setting out a workable plan, and following through.

Dreaming of money

For most people the idea of financial freedom seems more like a day dream than a real possibility. However, this site is written to help ordinary people, not the born rich, lottery winners, or celebrity class.

Two articles under the Financial Laws section, Financial Freedom I and Financial Freedom II set out the basics. Financial freedom, properly understood, is within the reach of most people if they take time to learn how to manage their money, set appropriate goals, and work toward them with persistence and patience.


My whole purpose for this site is to help as many people as possible become as successful as possible with their money. I hope that you, whoever and whereever you are reading this today, will be one of those doing just that.