Basic Money Affirmations

Attitudes are thought habits. Our habits of thinking are learned, including the way we think about money, and we can change our thought habits, including our attitudes about money, like we change other habits, by replacing them with others more to our liking. Using affirmations is one of the most powerful tools for this purpose.

What Are Money Affirmations?

So what are affirmations and how can we replace our thought habits using them? Affirmations are positive, declarative, first person statements of a new attitude we choose to adopt, one which we adopt as a replacement for a negative, harmful one.

In my article on the at first law of money, The Law of Expectation, I have a discussion of how this works. It is in the section called, “Can Our Attitudes Really be Changed?” You might want to check it out.

Essentially an affirmation is a first person, present tense, declarative statement of an attitude which we repeat over and over until we accept it subconsciously as true and begin to live it as our new reality. It only works when we are committed to the new viewpoint.

What Affirmations Should We Use?

In the article mentioned above I suggested one affirmation that can get us started in the right direction: “I am good with money.” Here are some others that might be useful models.

  • “I like to save better than to spend.”
  • “My net worth is growing every month and I maintain a written log to show it.”
  • “On the first day of every month I sit down with my family to review our previous month's progress with our money, making written goals for the next month.”

Note: for instructions on how to write effective affirmations check out my article, Write Powerful Positive Affirmations.

How Do We Use Money Affirmations?

It takes time to assimilate new ways of thinking. In general it is best to review your affirmations daily until they are fully implemented in your thinking and behavior and occasionally thereafter.


One of the best ways to use your affirmations is to write them down on three by five inch note cards and carry them in your pocket, purse or brief case. Review them out loud at least once each day.

Continue to review each card, reading or saying them aloud daily for at least a month, then once a week for several months thereafter for reinforcement. Because it is easy to revert to old habits, it is also wise to review all older affirmations once each month.

In time, and probably sooner than you think, you will notice changes in your decisions about money. You will decide to pass up a purchase you might have made earlier. Why? Because you would rather save than spend.

And you will congratulate yourself. “Hey!” you will say, “I am becoming better with my money and it is terrific.” At first there will be small benefits. But soon there will be big ones.

Benefits of Money Affirmations?

Make this action step a high priority. Be patient. Obviously, if you have spent years telling yourself that you are poor with money it will take some time to train your mind to believe the opposite, that you are good with money. But the effort is well worth it.

Using powerful money affirmations like these can change the way you think about money. When your attitudes about money are right your behavior will become right and you will become truly successful with money.

Using affirmations is one of the best ways to change your thinking about money so make sure you do not neglect this opportunity.