Deal With Debt!

One of the most important keys to financial success is to deal with debt. It is impossible to make any significant progress toward financial independence without dealing with debt first and learning to escape the constraints it imposes. Most people need a little help with debt issues, especially in changing attitudes toward debt. That is what we will focus on here.

A Deal With Debt Attitude

Remember, attitudes are habits of thought. It is the way you consistently think that determines your behavior. For that reason, the first and most important key to eliminating debt is to change the way we think about it.

If you have any debt it is because you first thought it, you decided it was OK, and then you took it on. Consequently, the first debt help we need is help to change our debt attitude. We must desire and expect to eliminate debt from our lives.

Furthermore, we need to recognize that debt is not OK. We need to decide that it is unacceptable. We need to choose to eliminate it from our lives.

The basic attitude we want is the one often expressed by Dave Ramsey. His expression is as simple and direct as it gets: “Debt is dumb.”

Deal With Debt Affirmations

Using positive affirmations is one of the most power means of changing attitudes. To see how they work and understand more about changing attitudes with positive affirmations check out my article, Basic Money Affirmations

Here are three affirmations that can help us change our thinking to one that promotes dealing with debt decisively.

  • Debt makes me a slave so I am claiming my freedom by eliminating debt from my life.
  • I despise debt and will no longer have anything to do with it.
  • Every day I feel greater and greater freedom in life because I owe less and less and have more and more money.

Read or quote these affirmations once a day for at least a month. Then continue once a month or more until all debts are eliminated or at least until you are certain your attitude toward debt is forever changed.

Deal With Debt Now!

Remember that living debt free must become your chosen way of life if you want to escape the feeling of slavery imposed by debt..

To become debt free you must deal with debt and that means dealing with debt effectively. Using affirmations can give you the help with debt elimination you need to get started now.