Financial Freedom in Half the Time

You’ve all heard the competing insurance commercials. In one you can save 15% in 15 minutes; in the other you can save more in half the time.

Remember Suzie Orman’s book titled, Nine Steps to Financial Freedom? Well guess what? Now you can achieve your financial independence goal in half the steps! How? By following the plan in my new guide, Five Steps to Financial Freedom.

With Apologies to Suzie Orman

Suzie Orman book - 9 Steps

What’s up Suzie? Why make people go through nine steps when they could achieve the same thing in just five?

Naturally I am having some fun with the titles. Suzie’s book is great and I can recommend it. It has gone through at least four editions and sold over 3 million copies which tells you something of how well received it has been.

In her book Suzie cover 9 basic principles that will affect your chances of success. For example, one is Trusting Yourself More than You Trust Others. This is a very important principle as are all the others.

When you get a chance you might want to read it. It is a classic.

The Five Steps to Financial Freedom

On the other hand, my five steps are an introduction to the five practical steps that are involved in getting the job done. It is not a book but a concise eight page description of exactly what you need to do to achieve financial independence.

And another difference is that Five Steps to Financial Freedom is free to everyone who reads our Success With Money Action Newsletter.

Most people dream a bit about what it would be like to be financially independent. The hassle of working every day, especially if they do not enjoy their job, is a drag.

How nice it would be to escape this drudgery and have enough in savings or investments to support themselves. Even if you love your job, the security and peace of mind possible if you did not have to work is appealing.

In fact, it can be much more than a dream. It is quite reachable. But it takes setting a specific goal and following a workable plan.

Get Your Copy of the Guide

Five Steps to Financial Freedom

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The guide is in the form of a downloadable pdf file. Open it and save it to your computer.

Of course you can find all the information in this guide on the Success With Money site, but here in just a few pages is a concise statement of what we actually need to do to secure financial independence. If we follow these steps we will do well.

Make Your Choice: Five Steps or Nine

Its not a real either/or choice. You can benefit from both. For our purposes it is just a play on words. But the opportunity to read Five Steps to Financial Freedom is a readily available free option.

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