Increase Money Making Skills

If you want to earn more money, the obvious step is to increase your money making skills. From vocational training at a local college to online studies, the options for increasing your income producing skills are almost unlimited so there is no excuse for neglecting this opportunity.

Why Increase Your Money Making Skills?

One of the Ten Essential Laws of Money relates to productivity. It is an important subject at several points in our program. The Law of Productivity states:

Each of us prospers in proportion to our productivity as we increase our moneymaking skills and direct them toward long-term personal benefits.

In this article I want to talk about moving from thinking to acting. Specifically, I want to focus on identifying and working toward a definite skill set that can increase productivity, and in turn your income.

Learn Income Producing Skills

Begin by brainstorming a little. Ask the question, “What one skill could I learn that would most increase my money making potential?” Make a list of as many possibilities as you can.

Potential skills will vary widely depending on the kind of work or opportunities that you have. Anything from typing skills to welding, from bookkeeping to cooking classes, from truck driving to computer programming, from carpentry to marketing skills could help in different careers. Think only about what would be best for you.

Think little. Think big. Often we have tunnel vision for things of this sort. Some people think only of possibilities as large as getting a college education. Others think only of very small possibilities (some small ones can make a big difference like shaving before going to work! Open your mind to all possibilities.

Another consideration. A very good plan for many is to check with your employer or supervisor about skills that might help you advance in your career. It isn’t always what we want but what is needed that counts.

Pick a New Skill to Learn First

Next, look over your list of potential skills to learn and choose the one income producing skill that would be the best for you to work on first. Which would pay off the most? Which could you learn easiest or quickest? If classes are offered you would need, which would be available now or soon.

Give a high priority to the money making skills that will payoff best in the long term. But think about it carefully. Sometimes easy skills that don’t take long to learn can help you achieve bigger ones faster later. At other times a major skill area is so vital it is worth starting on immediately.

Check out various options for learning the skill you have chosen to work on first. For example, if learning to use PowerPoint would help you become more productive, increasing your own money making skills, then look into classes at your local vocational school or go online where you can find many free resources or go to for some of the most professional training to be found anywhere for a very reasonable fee.

Learn Your Money Making Skill Now

Next, decide on a plan of action to learn the skill you determine to be the most valuable. Decide how you could learn it. There may be several alternatives. Consider your learning style before making a decision.

  • A class at the local tech school might be best for some.
  • Independent study online for others.
  • Getting help from another expert who has time to teach you for another.

Set out a schedule for learning your new money making skill, including steps to take and a time schedule. Then get started. When you master one money making skill, repeat the same process with another income producing skill. Never stop learning and increasing your potential income.