Picture Your Long Term Goals

Are there certain priorities that stand out as absolute essentials if you want to reach your most sought after financial objectives? In this action step we want to visualize or picture goals, particularly financial goals, as a means of motivating ourselves to take the necessary steps for financial success.

Picture Goals to Motivate to Action

Each individual will have different priorities, but there are some basic financial commitments that any individual must make if they expect to reach and maintain financial independence. Getting out of debt and building up a nest egg for retirement or “financial freedom” are probably on almost everyone's list.

Each individual has to set their own goals. But it is important to have both short and long term goals. Then it is important to develop the right attitudes about these goals.

One way or another our financial goals must become important, driving forces in our lives.

In this article we want to focus on the potential to increase our motivation to reach goals, especially financial goals by utilizing the technique of visualization, picturing ourselves reaching the goals.

Picture Goals With a Simple Poster

My personal priority financial goals are really basic when it comes to money and are focused on the essentials. These are not really short term or long term goals as such but are best described as long term because they are really permanent goals, goals I intend to stay focused on permanently.

There are the five priority goals that influence every financial decision I make. I know that if I let these primary money goals guide my daily financial decisions my potential for financial independence is greatly improved.

Here is a simple poster I have in my office focusing my attention on these priorities:

My Priority Financial Goals
  1. Stay in control of my money.
  2. Live on less than I make.
  3. Live debt free.
  4. Increase savings and investments significantly every month.
  5. Develop and maintain enough passive income to eliminate the need for a job to meet expenses.

Picture Your Financial Goals for Success

This action step calls for you to write out your own list of priority goals or principles. Yours might be much like mine above but they need not be; they need to truly express your own financial goals.

Make a visual, a poster that you can put up in a prominent place. My visual for this is a little mundane (as dictionary.com defines that word it means “common; ordinary; banal; unimaginative.”) so you might prefer to be a little more creative.

Either way the constant reminder of viewing and thinking about your priority goals will help instill your financial commitments into your conscious and unconscious thinking to guide your financial decisions.

By keeping your mind focused on these priorities you will keep your life moving in the right direction. It will prevent your allowing the urgent to replace the important. It will enable you to reach these important goals in record time.

Picture Goals for Life

Your long term (or life long) goals are important, especially your financial goals. If you can picture your goals with a visualization tool you will have an increased potential to motivate yourself to great financial success.

And remember, “for life” as used here means two things: for the rest of your life in time and for the quality of your life. It is worth the effort.