Picture Yourself as “You, Inc.”

Your life begins to change for the better financially as soon as you begin to take money seriously, as soon as you begin to see yourself as “You, Inc.,” the most important corporation in the world. Why? Because it marks the beginning of a true attitude of respect for money.

Why Adopt a You Inc. Perspective?

The second law of money is the Law of Commitment which deals with respect for money. Nothing contributes more to people failing with money more than failing to develop respect for money and nothing can do more to get you going in the right direction than developing it.

One of the best ways to develop this attitude of respect for money is to picture yourself in light of the Inc. Principle. This is the money law that says we need to treat our personal finances as we would that of any important business.

The You, Inc. perspective is primarily associated with the Law of Management but it relates here, too, in this unique way of our attitude toward money. Adopting an attitude of respect for money will force us to start managing our money responsibly.

How to Promote a You, Inc. Attitude

A good visual tool to help us form this attitude can be a simple poster. Why not make your own and post it in a place where you will see it regularly.

All you need is a picture of yourself and a piece of paper. Mount your picture at the center of the piece of paper. Below it write: You [Substitute Your Own Name], Inc. and World’s Most Important Business.


Your Name, Inc.
World’s Most Important Business

When you see yourself as an important business, “You, Inc.,” your attitude about yourself will change. More important, your consequent better decisions will lead to a better life.

Organize Your Own You, Inc., Today

There is no better day than today to express your respect for money and form your own corporation, your own You, Inc. For you, there is no more important business in the world.