Picture Yourself Saving Money

A person’s attitude about saving money is one of the most important indications of his/her potential for success with money. For that reason it is helpful to take some practical steps to help develop a healthy attitude about saving money.

Role of a Money Saving Attitude

Once you have a real desire to save it will automatically produce a driving force to make saving money an essential practice in your life. Attitude always precedes and controls our behavior either for good or for not so good.

When we learn how to change our attitudes we can dramatically change our lives in every area. Learning to appreciate the value of saving money is the first step.

Possibly the most famous quote about saving money comes from W. Clement Stone, “If you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you.” Many sections of this site argue the case for saving and I cannot cover it in detail here, but you need to give considered thought to its importance and commit to saving money.

With a desire for saving money assumed, using visuals (along with affirmations) is one of the two most effective ways to affect attitudes and there are many visuals that can help develop a savings attitude. I will share one and you can no doubt invent many for yourself.

My Motivating Visual for Saving Money

A few years ago I saw an ad that caught my attention. I don’t remember whose it was, but I cut out the part that caught my attention and posted it in my office.


It has been a constant reminder to me that having at least some money is more important than having more things. Help yourself to develop the savings attitude by designing your own visual reminder of your desire to save some money every month, perhaps no more than a picture of a large stack of money. It can really help.

Support Your Own Saving Attitude

Attitudes are habits of thought and very few habits can do more for our future than an attitude that encourages the money saving habit. It is worth every effort to see that we develop and support our desire to save money regularly.