Don’t Be a Slave to Money!

Do you understand how your relationship to money affects your sense of freedom or lack of it? Too many people feel they are drowning in debt, that they are a slave to money.

Certainly a person’s financial obligations can be overwhelming. But when you understand the facts you can find a way to become free from debt and experience a sense of financial freedom. This article will help you understand how.

How Debt Affects Your Life

Take a blank sheet of paper and write down your reflections about your current situation. Do you feel like you are a slave to money issues or do you feel free to do the things you enjoy in life?

Write at least one paragraph about each of the following questions.

  • Is my life unpleasantly restricted because of debt (do I carry a balance on any credit cards)?
  • Am I effectively managing my money or are many of my daily activities being limited by financial obligations?
  • Do I feel my money is enabling me to do a lot of the things I like?
  • What are my financial priorities right now (how important is it to me get out of debt and to save money)?
  • Am I exercising self-discipline in my financial decisions (do I avoid impulse spending)?
  • Do I feel my lack of money is causing me to feel like a slave to my obligations?

Don’t become depressed if you don’t like some of your answers! If your life is a mess, financially speaking, it may take a while to make the changes you need to make to achieve the life you want.

Free from Debt Means Free to Live

Successfully becoming free from debt is easily within your grasp no matter what condition you find yourself in today. The rewards of getting in control of your money and no longer living the life of a money slave are well worth the effort it takes.

Note that the focus of this exercise is on feelings. Spending money we cannot afford to spend brings fleeting pleasure. Real pleasure, peace of mind, and a sense of freedom in life come from avoiding the confines created by debt and overspending.

By thinking about these issues we give ourselves the option to choose our future. Each person is free to make their own choice but the happiest people are those who learn to value freedom and peace over material things. The truth is, when you do you will have more of both. It is a win-win.

Understanding and internalizing this truth is the foundation upon which your decisions about money are made. When you understand this fact and let it guide your steps you will make better choices.

No Longer a Slave to Money

Even a small amount of savings frees a person from a lot of stress. Only a few months of watching those debts shrink for a change gives a person a lot of confidence about their future financial prowess.

Peace and freedom are worth more than having a lot of things. Check out my articles on getting in control of your money and getting out of debt to get started on your way to both.

If you feel you are drowning in debt and a slave to money, think carefully about the truths in this article and take steps now to become free from debt and other financial obligations. It can set you free to live a more enjoyable life.