Spend Less Than You Make

In this article we will focus on using affirmations to help us achieve our goal of spending less than we make. We assume here that you have already adopted the goal, but if you want to explore the importance of doing so first, check out Learn to Live on Less than You Make in the Get Out of Debt section of the site.

Remember that you can always re-word what I suggest to make your affirmations work better for you. Review the principles for writing affirmations we discussed in the article, Learn to Write Powerful Affirmations, if you want a little direction for that purpose.

For affirmations to work we don’t say them without a mindset for action; without the intent for change affirmations become nothing but meaningless self-deception.

Always remind yourself that this accurately describes the real person that you are becoming. And keep taking steps to move more forcefully in this direction.

Use This Affirmation to Spend Less

Now I would like to recommend an affirmation for you to try that should help get started with your spend less, save more attitude.

Because I spend less than I make, I always have money left over at the end of the month.

Repeat this every day for a month, then review it weekly for a least six months.

If you have been following a basic plan to separate your available money into manageable accounts of some kind you will have your flexible spending money in separate clearly observable account. My article, Resource Allocation, explores in detail this important element of money management.

Using this affirmation often, you will soon begin to think more consciously about how much (or little) is available for spending, especially as you near the end of the month. Almost unconsciously you will probably note that you have a growing cushion left at the end of the month in your flexible spending account and are developing a more frugal lifestyle.

At the end of the month you will relish depositing at least part of this extra money into your growing savings account. As that savings grows from almost nothing to $100.00 to $200.00 to $500.00 you will gain in enthusiasm about your achievement in this area.

Another Affirmation to Spend Less

Follow the same approach with this affirmation designed to approach spending from the flip side—by emphasizing saving more instead:

Instead of spending all I get, every month I put ten percent of my income into my permanent savings account.

If you have not been saving at all previously you may want to start with a smaller amount than your ultimate goal. But begin now and grow into the full amount you know you need for your permanent savings (retirement or “financial freedom”) account.


Here is one of my favorite plans. Start with any amount that you know you can maintain, setting aside a set amount each payday. Then increase the percent you are saving by one percent every month or two until you reach your savings rate goal.

Start Spending Less Than You Make

For success with money you have no choice but to learn how to spend less than you make. Frugal living is harder for some than others, but unless you spend less rather than more than you make you will have no option for success. These and similar affirmations can help us develop the spend less attitude we need.