Working from Home

Have you been thinking about starting a business of your own, a home based business? Never before has there been as much interest in this opportunity and it may be just the thing for you.

Why a Home Based Business Now?

Starting your own home based business has been the dream of many people over the years, but for most it has been little more. However, in the economic circumstances faced by the world today, this may prove to be the best time ever to make it a reality instead of just wishful thinking.

Necessity is the mother of invention as the old saying goes. One reason many people are thinking about a home based or secondary business income now is due to people having a lower income from their regular jobs. The average family income in America has dropped more than $4,000 over the last few years while expenses keep escalating.

No one wants to lower their standard of living, no surprise, so people are looking for ways to earn some additional income. Beginning a part time home business can be an appealing option.

Benefits of a Home Based Business

Working from home has long been an ideal for many people because of what are perceived as its primary benefits and many of them are valid. Setting your own hours and often greater income potential are very real benefits in most cases. So is the benefit of feeling in greater control of your own life and destiny.

Dollar sign logo NOTE:

There are additional advantages to developing your own business at the present time due to the increased number of businesses beginning to limit the number of hours people can work to thirty/week in order to avoid increasing government regulations applying to full time employees.

Most people need full time work so adding a part time job with flexible hours is essential to provide an adequate income to their family. A home based business is one answer.

At the same time, even people with full time jobs are not seeing their income increase as much as they see expenses going up. Starting a home based business, even on a small scale, can be a great way to increase a person's income.

There is great satisfaction in feeling you are personally taking steps to provide more adequately for your family's needs. Operating your own business successfully can be hard work, but most people enjoy the satisfaction of achieving success in doing so.

Danger of Starting a Home Business

Starting a home based business can be dangerous to your economic health. Instead of producing an income, many people experience a loss in income instead. How can that be?

The primary reasons most people fail are two.

  • They try to start a business without getting the necessary training or education to know how to proceed successfully.
  • They choose one of the highly promoted business opportunities that are set up to make money for someone else and are very unlikely to be financially worthwhile.

Starting any business can be risky. But my favorite quote from Warren Buffet puts it well, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” The best way to avoid failure is adequate preparation.

Good Home Based Businesses

A key to starting a successful home based business is to begin by recognizing that you need to start a real business. Real businesses offer desirable services or products.

If you are dealing with a product be honest about the fact that you must be a sales person, even if someone tells you that the product sells itself. No product sells itself. Some things are easier to sell than others but you have to know how to do it and be willing to do it.

If you offer a service, be honest about the fact that service is work. What work will you be doing? How much can you reasonably charge? How will you get customers?

No matter what kind of business you choose to start, ask yourself how you will get the training or education you need to be successful. Talk to some people who are doing the same kind of work if at all possible. Think it through and think long term. There are many options so be patient enough to explore all the possibilities.

What Home Business Is for You?

Over the next few months I plan to put up a section on the Success With Money website devoted to sharing some information about home based businesses.

  • It will provide some basic guidelines but will focus on identifying some legitimate home based business opportunities.
  • It will likely only suggest a few business ideas because I only want to share jobs I have personally done or know about personally as business opportunities that really work.

Starting a home based business as a secondary income is going to become increasingly important for many people in light of the financial issues families are facing today. I hope to be of some help where I can.