The Danger of Limited Knowledge

There is an old saying that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. When it comes to money this is not only true, it can be very consequential.

Partial Knowledge Affects Us Negatively

No matter what area of life we are talking about, knowing a little often leads to misguided thinking and poor decisions. We see it every day.

getting fit on weights

For example, I have a site where I explore fitness topics, especially from the perspective of senior adults. I don’t have to tell you how opinionated people are about subjects like weight loss or nutrition. Everyone you know is willing to tell you all you need to know about many topics—each one knows the facts, but everyone’s facts are different.

The reason all this is so dangerous is that when we make quick decisions based on very limited knowledge it is easy to make mistakes. Sometimes it is of little consequence, but at other times it can have disastrous effects on our health or well being.

The Danger of Our National Debt

What led me to discuss this topic today is a conversation I had yesterday. Because one individual involved was so strongly advocating a particular idea I decided the situation was not conducive to education and let it go, but I will share it with you here.


Don’t Let Money Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

How are you about hanging onto your money. Is it easy for you to save? Or does money just slip through your fingers?

Money Can Be Slippery

money floating away

For many people, money goes as quickly as it comes. Sometimes even faster.

Yep! It is simply hard for some people to hang on to a dollar. In a Gunsmoke episode once I remember Matt talking to Doc about Chester being broke and having a hard time keeping his money. Doc asked, if it was women or gambling. Matt said, “I don’t know Doc, Chester is the kind of fellow who can lose money standing in the shade!”

That is the way it is with many folks. They never have any money because they seem to spend everything they get as soon as they get it….Why does this happen?


Whether the Job Be Great or Small

Often high achievers are plagued with a combination of two conflicting interests, a sense of perfectionism and a wide range of desirable activities. Perhaps most successful people experience this to some degree. What should we do when this is the case?

Perfectionism Drives Achievement

Obviously, taken to the extreme, perfectionism can be a negative. We are all familiar with what is called the “paralysis of analysis.” But a significant degree of perfectionism drives us to achieve high marks in school and success in our work.

Man thinking

When young I was indoctrinated with the old saying, “Whether the job be great or small, do it well or not at all.” It drove me to achieve reasonably high grades in school and eventually to continue my education until I earned a doctorate.

This attitude contributes to the degree of success the perfectionists have in all of life’s activities. Look at the Olympics. We watch in amazement at what some of these athletes can do, perhaps even more at their ability to focus for years on honing their skills.

No One Can Do It All

Here is the big problem with perfectionism. It inevitably leads to a great conflict that can affect life in a very negative way


Your Outlook on the Economy
Determines Your Success!

One of the most important truths you can ever learn in life is that your thinking determines everything. The way you think shapes your life.

In no area is this more significant than in your financial life. You will never be successful with money until you see yourself and your opportunities as filled with potential rather than failure.

Mike's Money Success Attitude Story

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