Do Government Jobs Hurt the Economy?

Why do people who understand economics object when government jobs are proposed as part of the solution for the economic difficulties America and the world is facing today? Even though those making proposals to increase public hiring often seem not to understand the problem, there is a solid basis for objecting—especially when the money must be borrowed to do so.

Government Vs Private Jobs

Government (public) jobs are paid for by taking money from the private economy. There is no other funding source for the government other than taking from the productivity of the private economy. This means that in the end every public job is at the expense of jobs in the private sector.

This is not inherently bad, by the way. It is the way government works.


Should You Start Your Own One Person Business Now?

Every cloud has a silver lining. At least that’s what the proverbial they say! And when it comes to the economy that may well be the case….

Every day the government makes it harder for a person to start and build any kind of economically sound business. That’s not a political statement, at least not altogether. It is a bureaucratic statement….

But here is the silver lining….