Why a Success With Money Blog? (part 2)

In addition to an opportunity to deal with the financial situations we all face in the context of current events, as discussed in the previous post, there is a second reason for launching this blog—the opportunity to get feedback from you, the reader, and to have an opportunity to learn from you and others who have found successful ways to master their money.

No one has a monopoly on the truth. And equally important, no one has all the answers to the problems we face. I have learned a lot over the years, especially about managing money. Most of what I know came from others who were very competent with money. But the more I learn about money, the more I realize how little I know in the grand scheme of things. That is true for all of us.

One of my favorite forums is Website Babble. It is a forum for webmasters where members share with others what they know about working online. A lot of new webmasters come there to ask for help and those with more experience are always willing to help.

When someone expresses how challenging the work is and worry about being so ignorant of even the most simple issues, perhaps apologizing for asking some elementary question, I often make this point. I tell them that even the best informed members of the site once knew less than they do now!

That fact is true for new webmasters. It is also true for those new to the area of learning how to master their money. Or any other venture.

I am excited to see what we can all learn together. Over the years I have seen my life change dramatically as I learned and applied what I have discovered so far. Whether you are doing very well with your money or whether you feel like a rank beginner—no matter your age—the Success With Money site and now the Blog are for you.

The world is looking a little bleak right now, but I am confident about our potential to maintain our financial success on a personal basis; together we can continue to learn how to become more and more successful with our money.

I invite you to read this blog regularly, subscribe if you will, and invite others to read as well. Then plan to contribute when you can. I look forward to your comments.